iVision Group fully follows all Masè's communication.
The project was born with the objective of revitalizing the image of a landmark brand, enhancing its peculiar characteristics and renewing its brand identity, making it more coherent with the corporate values and with a more global reference market.

Integrated communication

An integrated communication project has been implemented, developed through different directions, which covers both "corporate" and "commercial" aspects and related to the promotion of their products and stores.
The project is articulated into several actions, oriented to all communication channels, both online and offline.
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The relaunch of the Masè brand has developed through a series of actions to reaffirm its presence on the territory and express their values to the perceived market: historicity, tradition, quality and craftsmanship.

The logo was matched with the stamps that shows the originality of the made in Trieste and the freshness of km zero.

The logo was finally revisited introducing a new payoff: "Authentic flavors from 1870”, which expresses the concepts of authenticity, historicity and exclusivity, identifying it a unique and inimitable product.


Corporate Brochure

#history #tradition #quality

These are the values that can be seen by browsing the pages of Masé's corporate presentation: a journey made of images, products and tales. Those who read through this brochure can immediately understand what the company wants to communicate, transmitting to the reader the emotions and sensations of a unique product.

Offline Communication

To enhance the range of products we built a coordinate image that starts from roll ups, flyers, desk displays, followed by packaging and labels for both Masè's products and wines.
The visual we've chosen aims to give a clean and elegant image, in line with the high quality of the products, and at the same time original, to communicate a new approach to the market thats has never been so catching and engaging. To emphasize the exclusivity of the products, the main brands of the range were recorded.

Internal communication

In addition to the final consumer, Masè has among its targets also large retailers (Gdo), specialized gastronomy, Horeca catering and other food industry players. B2B communication has been handled through institutional presentations, product catalogs, technical charts and price lists to better communicate the wide range of business products and possible collaboration opportunities.

Online Communication

The Digital represents a new communication frontier for Masé, which has also come closer to particularly innovative technologies such as the augmented reality, with an adv on local newspapers. The company has renewed its online image through a new website based on innovative technology, featuring a multifunctional interface and an app that upgrades directly from mobile. It has also introduced the use of newsletters, to promote products and services, and enabled an e-shop to relaunch online sales, reaching new market slices in Italy and abroad. Corporate profiles, on the main social networking sites, have also been opened and managed in an optimized manner.

Website & E-Shop

This is an institutional website developed entirely in V10, built with emotional images for the development of corporate communication and marketing.
An e-shop developed in Magento, the best CMS for creating an e-commerce platform, that allows the customer to buy his favorite products with absolute freedom.
These are the two Masè's websites, fully conceived, designed and built by iVision Group.

Social Network

The re-launch of the company's profile required the development of a strategy that aimed on enhancing its distinctive features, as well as updating the followers regarding trade fairs and product innovations. This activity includes profiling Masè on all the major social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, Twitter, Google+, Youtube), both editorial and graphic contents, from the management of rumors to the direct response of messages.

Personalized content and campaigns

Each Social Network has its own custom graphics that develop contents to promote products, events, fairs or to celebrate the most important anniversaries. Social campaigns, ADS and AdWords have also been designed and activated to reach all those profiles of users who still do not know the company but they may have interest to do so.

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