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Prosecco Bio #1 in Italy

100% Organic, 100% Bio, 100% Digital!

"A good wine must also respect the environment and the health of consumers"

This is the mission that Corvezzo pursues every day, thanks to their incredible knowledge of the art of organic viticulture.
Always interested not only in the mere trade of the product, but also to educate its users about the delicate topic of the "Bio world", the request of Corvezzo was to create a website that was also a historical background of the company, with more than half a century of wine tradition behind it, without giving up a more "young" line in graphic style and tone of voice.

Modernity and Tradition meet perfectly, in an explosion of tastes, history, knowledge, colors...and bubbles (many bubbles)!

Social Network

The Social management for Corvezzo has required the development of a strategy aimed at enhancing the distinctive aspects of the company, as well as updating the followers on trade fair activities and new products.
The activity includes the management of profiles on the main social Facebook and Instagram, both in terms of editorial and graphic.

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