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The NATGENE way of life

NATGENE® operates in Italy and abroad, performing mainly service, counseling and problem solving activities in the field of genomics offering services to improve the well-being of the individual, for analysis laboratories, research institutes and health facilities, public and private, companies and professionals, with the aim of providing excellent services characterized by high standards of quality.

Offline Communication

To enhance the genetic and hormonal analyses available, an illustrative leaflet has been created.
The visual chosen aims to give a clean and elegant image in line with the high quality of services, and, at the same time, original, to communicate a new approach, more appealing and engaging.


The redesign of the logo is the result of a complex study in search of the solution with the most refined design, which was able to tell NATGENE at first glance.
The use of colors, the image of the flower that forms the silhouette of a man, the elegant and institutional font: all the elements are intended to represent the quality and customization of NATGENE services.


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