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iVision Group's tourism portals are emotional, interactive, simple, straightforward.
They are also functional: the tourism operator finds a dedicated and customized professional tool. WDP portals represent a territory, its excellence and its tourist general offer. For this reason, the design of any WDP portal, whether for a destination, an area, or a theme park, is the result of a careful analysis and thorough study by our technicians, specialized in the tourism industry. Each WDP portal is built by aggregating and assembling dedicated modules, that become your personal tool for managing your online touristic presence. Here are some of the many available modules:



Content Management System to manage content based on numerous layout layouts /widget/other; All contents are georeferenced and linked to taxonomies


Reserved area

Private area dedicated to tour operators, journalists, partners, staff, etc.


Answering Assistant

Does the user ask for something particular? Everyone must know it, and the manager monitors the actual response to the request



Customer Relation Management: linking users' emails, their preferences, their demands over time, their presence Taxonomies: It allows you to associate rules to each page, eg "Show this only in summer"


Multimedia Map

Interactive navigation viewing by themes all the different points of interest


Map Trails and Ski Area

Thematic routes (bike / ski / gastronomy etc.) displayed in proactive 2D / 3D maps, autonomous management


Typical products

A module devoted on proposing local food and wine products. It can be integrated through API with Magento or other dedicated shop. Facilities Availability: the property manages its rooms independently to appear on the portal search availability lists


And more

Skiarea management; Operators area; Dashboard on tv hotels; "Totem" on smartphone; Digital agenda; … and so much more.


For the end users:

Emotion, vacation desire, desire to live a new experience. We are studying the best and most effective ways to attract the user: emotional images and geolocated interactions, booking system integration, multimedia sharing and interactive 2D / 3D maps, and more.


For the operators:

Provide all the tools born in 20 years of needs, expressed on the field. WDP offers the most advanced webmaster tools and services for site management: user profiling, forms, dynamic booking, surveys, restricted areas, report customizations, assisted requests, and more.


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